Misuse of Customer Saving Funds as a Banking Crime


Misuse of Customer Saving Funds as a Banking Crime

Eddy Pelupessy, Budiyanto ., Biloka Tanggahma, Yantje Liauw



The research analyzes the misuse of saving funds as well as the securing model of customer saving fund that must be done by the government. The type of research is normative juridical while the approaches are statute, conceptual and approach. The results of research indicate that abuse of customer saving fund is a banking crime. Preventive law enforcement by the internal bank has not been done optimally, resulting in the misuse of saving funds by bank employees. The securing model of customer savings funds that have been done by the government as enacted by Act No. 24 of 2004 on the Deposit Insurance Agency, which has 2 (two) functions are to guarantee customer saving and settle or handling failed banks, as well as the synergy of institutional supervision between Bank Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Therefore, there needs to be an increase in the regulation and supervision of government banks and private banks by Bank Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority as well as strict action against any violation of the law on customer saving funds by a bank, if necessary administrative sanctions by revoking the business license from the bank concerned.

Keywords: Banking Crime, Business Law, Customer Fund

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